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Talabyat is the first website and app that gather all the names of registered suppliers for pharmacies and display them in one place which makes it easy for the pharmacy owners to compare between offers and help them to make orders easy and sufficiently. ه
It is free to sign up in Talabyat for pharmacies owners, whoever wants to sign up for Talabyat will have to enter the name of his pharmacy with a copy of its license, and his location and phone number.
To sign up as a supplier you will have to enter your name, your location, your phone number and a scanned copy of your commercial register.
The website admins will approve after confirming the data
Ordering can be done by choosing one supplier then search for the items you need and set the quantity, or you can search from the main screen for a specific item and you will be able to see where to find it. After you set the quantity press the cart sign which means you can revise and choose from it before you confirm the order to the supplier.
All the suppliers have offers that is different from each other, some suppliers provide delivery service some are not, some might have a minimum of amount or time for the order, all of these information will be shown during ordering.
Some suppliers could give you an additional discount on your order, which can be shown after submitting your order.
By entering to your orders page.
Go to "commercials", choose your city, upload the commercial s photo and wait for the approval from our admins
go to " make a notification", write the notification, choose the city and wait for the approval from the admins.