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  1. The website and the app are provided only for registered pharmacy owners and suppliers.
  2. To be a member you will have to sign up your details carefully, you must upload a copy of your original pharmacy license if you are a pharmacy owner, or a copy of your Commercial register if you are a supplier, after checking you details you will get the approval , our admins have the right to take all the legal procedures against the person or the facility if there is any forging in the details, so your account details is your own responsibility and you will have to accept and comply to the our website policies and its apps.
  3. Regarding the financial dealings, we are doing our best to present the best service and facilitate the process of purchasing and displaying the offers from suppliers, keep in mind that there will be differences between offers from different suppliers and their payment method (cash or debit) , all of that will be available for the user, both ( supplier & pharmacy ) will have to comply to the payment method that is mentioned in the order.
  4. Our provided service is to facilitate the displaying of different kinds of medicines, medical products and cosmetics from different registered suppliers and companies. (" registered " here means it has a license from the Egyptian official authorities)
  5. All the displayed products must be registered and have all needed approvals to be traded in the Egyptian market, there is now way or another to display an unapproved product, our website admin will take all the legal procedures against that.
  6. We do not make, produce or sell any kind of medicine or cosmetic products on our website, what we provide is a collection of offers in one place to make it easy to order, all the products on the website is the providers responsibility and its also his responsibility to comply to the law.
  7. The ordering process is done after entering the required items from the supplier, once you press "Order" you can not delete any item but you can add more items if the supplier agreed, this will be clear in the ordering process.
  8. Orders can be deleted within 10 minutes after you press "order" without recording the order in your orders account, the website includes a record of the deleted and returned orders and this can prevent having any faked orders.
  9. The Pharmacy has the right to follow the normal procedures for turning back the mistaken , damaged or expired items when receiving the order
  10. Its not allowed for anyone to post any illegal or inappropriate content, also its not allowed to upload any material that could cause damage to the website programing or the apps, all members must be responsible for their posts , our website admins has the write to take all the legal procedures against that.
  11. It is not allowed for any member to use the website in any purpose other than its main purpose, also its not allowed to register with different account or posting any kind of commercial without a permission.
  12. The website has the right to terminate the registration of any member without warning.