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What is Talabyat.com app and website??

Talabyat.com is the first online ordering service for pharmacies shortage items. It is the quickest and easiest way to help you as a pharmacist to see all the registered suppliers in your area and others around you so that you can order from them according to their offers and your needs, this all can be done by Talabyat.com website or by the IOS and the Android app.

Talabyat.com was established in 2018 aiming to help the pharmacies owners to complete their job and social duties with minimum effort possible.

Why Talabyat.com?

You can choose from the largest number of medical suppliers in all of Egypt.
You can easily compare between offers and items.
You can call at any time and from anywhere.
You can update your order more than once at any time.
You can subscribe to the most needed items in the market and you will get a notification once its available by any of the suppliers, if you are regularly order by Talabyat.
You can order from the nearest and fastest supplier to you.
You will be able to know the offered items at any supplier even if he is not in your city and order from him.
You can easily display the everyday offers from different suppliers so you can get benefit from it as quick as possible.
There will be no need to save the suppliers phone numbers and wait for a specific time of the day to do your order which could disturb you at work.
Talabyat was designed to be the easiest and most convenient way to apply your orders and display items.

Registering and ordering

Enter the website and choose to register as a pharmacist
Enter the pharmacy s name and choose your username and password, then upload a photo of you with the pharmacys license.
Choose your city and identify your location in it and wait for the approval.
Once you receive the approval you will be able to use all the services and make any orders.